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All rights reserved, reproduction forbidden, brand registered and protected. The company owns all the copyright on the content of its website as well as its brands, logos, domain names and any distinctive markings appertaining thereto are considered to be works of the human mind upon which the company holds all intellectual and commercial ownership rights.

In accordance with the clauses of the Code of Intellectual Ownership and of current international treaties and agreements, any reproduction, revelation, distribution, transcription, translation, representation, broadcast or modification, whether partial or complete, using any medium whatsoever and whatever process is used, other than for private use, is forbidden unless the company gives prior, specific permission to do so.

Any violation of these clauses constitutes an instance of counterfeiting and the author’s civil and criminal liability is engaged.

Law N° 98-536 dated July 1st 1998 relating to data bases does not even recognise an exception for private copies.

Consultation of the website is automatically be returned to us by e-mail then as soon as our team receive it, we shall reply as soon as possible".
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