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You charter boats and you want to increase customer awareness...

Make yourself known on

  • A site, a straightforward domain name and signature make searches easy.
  • An interactive introduction to your company by our partner,
    Terre de Recherche. (voir un exemple click here to see an example)
  • A professional gateway.
  • RU
  • An original way of showing your boats.
  • Possibility of making on-line reservations.
  • Easy access thanks to your entry code which allows you to modify details or add boats.

    Deal with all requests yourself as they are submitted

  • Rather than building your own site, take advantage of the traffic generated by
  • 1.500.000 internauts visite per annum .
  • Present among the five first on the principal search engines
  • An essential tool which will facilitate your management...
  • Statistics to direct your investments...
  • A planning that you will be able to divide to optimize your hirings.

  • For the time being, we only list boat rentals in France, Corsica and French Overseas Territories

    Types of subscription
    FORMULA 1, click here
    exceptional OFFER
    FORMULA 2, click here

    1 to 5 advertisements with 3 assigned towns in a SINGLE region.

    Annual cost* : FREE

    6 to 15 advertisements with 5 assigned towns in a SINGLE region.

    Annual cost: 450 € including tax

    *Plus a commission of 10 % for each rental further to contact with

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